Hybrid Distributed Antenna System (DAS)


With CellBoost cellular signal booster, your residents have reliable cell coverage throughout your entire building. 

CellBoost takes the cellular coverage outside and broadcasts signal throughout your building using a hybrid Distributed Antenna System.  If there is coverage outside - CellBoost can bring it inside.

CellBoost for Multifamily

Hybrid Distributed Antenna System

Offering residents reliable in-building cellular coverage is a must for building owners. Properties experiencing poor cellular coverage may be losing prospective residents and revenue.  CellBoost blasts 4G/LTE coverage throughout an property or to the areas needing coverage.

How Does CellBoost Work?

CellBoost 4G/LTE is a hybrid Distributed Antenna System (DAS) using donor antenna technology to bring existing outdoor cellular coverage inside of a building.  Any cellular coverage that is present outside can be blasted inside with CellBoost.  CellBoost is a "carrier-agnostic" technology which means that it works for any carrier coverage as long as that coverage is present outside.   

What is the difference between traditional DAS and CellBoost?

A traditional DAS relies on a Base Station Transceiver and distributed antennas throughout the building to effectively create a mini-cell site.  This approach can be extremely cost prohibitive for multifamily building owners.  In addition, a traditional DAS requires carrier approval and cooperation which can result in slow deployment.  There is no difference in call quality.

When to use CellBoost vs. traditional DAS?

CellBoost is the perfect solution for a multifamily deployment and can be scaled to coverage specific areas requiring coverage.  Traditional DAS is best utilized in large-scale, high-density deployments like stadiums and arenas.  Request a site survey of your property today! 

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